Gabriel Wong was born in Macau and attended high school in Hong Kong, where he lived until he came to the United States to attend college at New York University in the 1960s. Before his graduation from NYU, where he obtained a degree in electrical engineering, Gabriel worked for Western Electric under AT&T, where he was responsible for writing specifications for telecommunications systems. After his graduation at NYU, Gabriel accepted an offer from the University of Hawaii for a teaching position for a semester after which he began his employment with GT&E/Hawaii Tel, where he held the position of engineer. During his time at GT&E/Hawaii Tel, Gabriel spearheaded an engineering project where he was responsible for initiating and maintaining communication with an American satellite for broadcasting from Hawaii to the mainland, ultimately being promoted to senior engineer at GT&E. After working at GT&E for several years, Gabriel began to pursue a career in real estate and he ultimately obtained both his real estate salesperson and broker’s licenses. Gabriel’s real estate work focused in resort and condominium timeshare management, which included real estate development work on a Honolulu condominium timeshare.

Gabriel’s telecommunications experience and work managing timeshares hotel/hostel ultimately blended in his development of a unique patented telecommunications system. Gabriel’s vision was to invent a system that could transmit data two ways. This was the seed of an eventual collaboration between Gabriel and Po Sing that resulted in telecommunications invention that provided two-way data messaging in a system that administered access to wireless radio resources in an efficient way, similar, conceptually, to the way a travel agent could assign guests to occupy different time periods in the timeshare rooms of a hotel.

At a time Gabe was already contemplating the inventions, Gabe’s son, Edwin Wong, who studied business in college and also lived in Hawaii had a desire to help make Hawaii the financial and technological East-West Center of the Pacific. Edwin envisioned a day when people in Hawaii would be able to use technology such as wireless messages to communicate, trade stocks, and conduct other business with the world affordably from the beautiful beaches of Hawaii. Edwin shared his dream with his father and together they and Po Sing began to develop the technology and intellectual property that today is seen in many of the robust and efficient communication systems used by millions of people around the world.

With Gabriel’s and Po Sing’s invention and technical knowledge, and Edwin’s vision and business acumen, a company was formed around this technology, which today is GPNE. Through Edwin’s stewardship as CEO and Gabriel as Chairman, GPNE’s patented telecommunication protocols are utilized in many modern day wirelesses and wired data communication products, including but not limited to new generation Internet cell phones and cable modem technologies, and many of the world’s largest technology companies are GPNE licensees.

How GPNE got its name:

GPNE was named after its original founders.

G – Gabriel Wong

P – Po-Sing Tsui

N – and

E – Edwin Wong