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Garage Pioneers [of] New Electronics

GPNE Corp. is an inventor-owned telecommunication licensing company. Historically, GPNE was not only a patent holding research and licensing company. GPNE, in fact, among other efforts, built a proof of concept system in a basement laboratory similar to the garage invention stories of Apple or HP. For example, in the late 90s, GPNE demonstrated to potential investors a physical system, including hand held devices, which investors could actually touch, see, and use to send and receive messages. For demonstration purposes, this was done within a local area such as a conference room. The system enabled hand held devices to send and receive data (and even robust data, like images, were in the works at the time) wirelessly with a potentially high data throughput and spectral efficiency.

After proving that the concept worked, GPNE went out to seek further financing to fully develop this demo system into a commercial wireless network, but was ultimately surprised to learn that the major players in the wireless and wireline industry were already incorporating and utilizing GPNE’s patented technology. Today, our cutting-edge patents are used in many next generation wireless and wired consumer electronics products, including next generation Internet cell phones and cable network technologies. Our patented technologies are licensed by global telecommunications manufacturers like Motorola, Sony, Sharp, Research in Motion, and Huawei.